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The big flip of the show is I went in there to be the rock star who dates these girls, but in some sick twist, I became the voice of reason — which is really scary!It's almost like I was the therapist and the girls were crazy rock How would you sum up your experience with this season's girls?Michaels: I don't know where they got the girls, but they were fun and crazy.I bring them on the road all the time and they love it.They get prepped for the show and get done up and bring their guitars up to the side of the stage.

It didn't just become, "Here's your rose, I love you, let's get married tomorrow even though we've only been dating a few days." I'm honest with the girls. What I'm looking for is someone to like, to lust, and, possibly over time, fall in love with.

You throw a good party, you can hold half a conversation and still got a few brain cells left [ With two young daughters, do you have reservations about doing such a risqué show?

Michaels: The one thing I can say is I'm a good father. Why did you decide to do concept, but it's not for me.

I had just come out of this relationship, have two daughters and like my privacy. Three months later, VH1 came back and said you're the one we want to do it.

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